AQWlair are a big clan, but we changed from being named "AQWsquad" to "AQWlair" cuz' of bug's on old website. we now got as homepage, and old forum under forum selection. before website was moved, we gotted around 280+ member's.

we are a helpful and nice clan. we got squad's for when PvP come's out, and if u will u can join one of the squads. we got our chatroom, guide's, "help needed" page, and the AQWlair team the AQWlair team:

Website Editor: Xyo

Forum Moderators: masterwar456 Mim mim Evil Zhoaer Warpig Tunaunleash AQWNazare

Chat Moderators: Mim mim TheGreatSpeed Angloomy NinjaDave Doom73195

we got a monster guide, and a class skillset guide. we make alot of video's! if u will u can join one of the lair member's on making a video, like an AQWMV (AQW music video) or something's els!

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