Name: Ai No Miko

Gender: Female

Level: 20

Achievements: founder

Inventory: Items:

Helms: Leprechaun Hat, Pirate Bandana 1, Pactoganal Defender's Crested Armet, Defender's Winged Armet, Pactogonal Armet

Pets: Chaos Sprites, Panda, Golden Phoenix, Owl of Wisdom

Axes: Platinum Axe of Destiny

Daggers: AQW Diploma, Steel Chopper

Hammers/Maces: Unarmed

Polearm: Horc Hacker, Love at First Scythe

Staffs: Clover Staff of Ice, Twilly Twig

Swords: Ghost's blade of spooky hotness (Ghost), Champion Hydra Sword, Heart Sabre


Classes: Healer Class (Rank 10), Acolyte Class (Rank 10), ClawSuit Class (Rank 10), Beast Warrior Class (Rank 10), Dragonslayer (Rank 10), Alpha Pirate (Rank 10), Beta Berserker (Rank 10), Pirate Class (Rank 10), Leprechaun (Rank 10), Paladin Class (Rank 10), Ninja Class (Rank 10)

Armors: Jemini, Jester Outfit, Shadow Cleric, Battle Swimwear, Butler, Celtic Warrior

Capes: None

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