The order of the shadowscythe is a clan run by Necromancer335 and currently is looking for members the clan is normally ran in the Nytheria server and these are the members we have

Leader: Necromancer335 Co-Leader: ??? Member 1: Axel Mayol Member 2: Catman00 Member 3: E Ko Feioso Member 4: Healerin Member 5: ??? Member 6: ??? Member 7: ??? Member 8: ??? Member 9: ??? Uniform: Dark Crusader, Shadow Reaver, Undead Pirate. Any of these armors will do as the uniform

This clan is a clan hidden in shadows. Non-Mems may barely see them. This Clan is mostly in sir ver and barely but in zhoom or Nythera. We are currently looking for people. Please Join.

Clan:Shadow Clan

Leader: Leader Korock(29) Co-leader:Xilophone(30)(May have become Rouge) Member1: Vonno(27) Member 2:Bloxachu(30) Member 3:Master Terror Terminator(30) Member 4:1ammunition(30)(Rouge Member) Member 5:Iwantmoney(22) 6:LCA21(23) Member 7: Alvaris(30) Member 8:Demolisher12345(30)

Ally Clan1:Werewolfslayers Ally Clan2:Aq Squad(No longer Allies) Ally Clan3:??? Ally Cln 4:???End of shadow clan writing------------------------------------------------ [[Category:New Clan Run By Me Crazy Dude 8 I'm Looking For Members That Are Level 20 If You Want To Join My Clan Just Type In On Aqworlds Chat Box /goto crazy dude 8 And You'll Goto Me Then You Can Ask Me To Join My Clan If You Join The Clan Meeting Are At 3:00Pm I Hope You Join! Battle On!]]

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