Now before I recomend you to start Farming I recommend you to go to all the quests and do them at least once except for Jack's Funny Bone, Twilly's Stick, Defend the Gates, and the Rubber Ducky Quest. All of these quests involve defeating a powerful boss and are better for higher level players. Once you have done all of these quests you definetly will be lvl 3 or higher.

Farming Guild ( Both Gold and EXP )Edit

Defend The GatesEdit

At lv 3, go to SwordHaven and click on Artix's ? on top of him. Then click on Defend The Gates. Go to the Bridge. Attack there ONLY. You can do Zorbak's quest, chipped Tooth, while farming for a free weapon, the Bone Sword. Just get 100 Chipped Tooth. Trade Chipped Tooth in batches of ten to Zorbak in order to get Graveyard tokens. Once you have 10 Graveyard tokens go to Yulgar to trade for the Bone Sword.

This same location can be used to farm gold and experience when you are level 4 or 5. Accept both of Artix's quests (Undead Invasion and Defend the Gates) then head over to the bridge and battle the Undead Boss and the accompanying Skeletal Warriors in order to get "Slayer Medals" and "Undead Commander's sword".

This way is very useful. At level 4 or above, go to marsh and look at the person at the entrance's quests. Accept them all. Now WITHOUT CLOSING THE QUEST WINDOW, type "/join marsh-(random number) into the chat bar. Now go to thrax's lair. keep typing "/join marsh2(random number number)good amount of people (2<) then commence battle. When you defeat thrax you should get a decoder or a map or both or etc.. Turn these in for your quest, get some rest, and accept the quests again. Repeat this until you have alot of money. about 1 out of 20 times you will get something. He has 5 different droppable items, A dagger, an axe, The Orc War Sword, his helm, and the famous Tyrant blade. Sell everything you get except for tyrant blade and the helm. If you get more than 1 tyrant blade, then sell it for 12,500 gold (no joke). You should do this soon because tyrant blade is constantly getting more and more rare. Keep 1 tyrant blade for bragging rights. This is currently the best way to get money.

Here is another way to farm both exp and gold for higher level players. The boss is a level 4 Werewolf. 2000 HP. I suggest being at least level 4 and rank four if you are planning to do this alone, any lower and I suggest you find a group to battle with. First go to Willow Creek, complete everyone's quest(s), after that you will be able to select all three of Church Elder Colafalas's quests freely. Pick the last one, accept, but DO NOT CLOSE THE MENU. Go to the werewolf, beat it, and collect your prize, 200 exp and 200 gold. If you have done everything right Colafalas's quest menu should still be up accept the same quest again and beat him again. The point of this is so that you don't have to keep going back to Colafalas every time you finish the quest, you can do it MUCH more quickly this way and it gives you a hefty prize as well!

We are finding more, please put it down here if you find any good Farming Quests. I will check. Other places to farm are the Orc town because the orcs give 50 rep, 67 exp, and 50 gold.

                                                                              Cornelis Ruins.

Another good farming source is the cornelis ruins. To do this you must be at the third runix cube in the mobius quest chain. Talk to anise the moglin in front of the ruins and accept the "Arm Yourself" quest. After that fight the golem, he only has 800hp, if you complete the quest you'll get 500gp and 500exp. But I like to repeatedly beat the golem because the drops sell for 2-5k.

Other Useful QuestsEdit

Other good quests for farming at levels high enough to battle higher level boss monsters include: Rubber Ducky Funny Bone Other fairly easy farming quests include: Missing Boxes slime pizza It is *highly* recommended that you have an enhanced weapon and are at least level four before attempting any of these quests UNLESS you can find a group of people working on the same boss who can help you.

If you are in a group, the Treant quest, or Twilly's New Staff, is useful for gaining levels. You only need one stick and three people can get the job done fast.

Go to the Vasalkar Lair. Once inside the mouth of the cave, talk to Galanoth. Sign up for each of the quests, and then kill the Wyverns nearby to get the quest items. Once you have those items, talk to Galanoth again and sign up for the quests again. This is better in the long run because it is much easier to kill Wyverns and their drops are parts of quests, which result in more Experience Points.

Goto Dwakel and take the first three quests then fight dwakels (I recommend the dwakel warriors because the weapon they drop is more gold worth than the helm the otehr dwakels drop). When you've completed one of the quests go to Taravya, turn in the quest and sell the item you get from the quest in Taravia's enhancement shop.

Go to Noobshire. Move down to meet Mazumi. Do 1 of her quests. Ninja Grudge. All you have to do is to go to Lolosia and kill 5 Fishmen. Go back to Mazumi to complete the quest. This gives you 200xp and gold. Easy.

Go to the Citadel.Talk with Murray and do the Which Witch is Which? quest.just kill 7 Burning Witches to complete the quests.The witches wont fight back.This quest gives you 50 gold and 250 xp.

Help with quests can be found at the Quests page

you cankill escherion for helm and give it to the little pet who has a cart and get lots of cool stuff

A great way for any level to get tons of money and level up is to go in the rip in the sky (top right, you must be a guardian). Then go into the Boiler room (farthest away from you on the left) click on his machine. He will then approach you and ask you why you were touching it. Click the option that says "What is that machine?" Then click "I will help you!" After that, you have a talking scene. He then makes you small and gives you a hamster ball. Then you must menuver through the dark maze using the arrow keys to get to the pruple orb, which has four different spawns that can change after you get it. This is a great way for easy money and XP because any player from levels 1-70 (or 65) can get 625XP and 1250 gold, as higher levels can get much more. each run takes from 1-3 minutes. A great way to level up and get gold!

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