Jasper22495 is one of the Beta Testers of AQWorlds he is currently at Lv.10

Early Career

Jasper22495 always wanted to be a Deathknight ever since he was just an undead baby. He would always bounce about carrying his toy DOOM weapon, but was later made a warrior.

Mid-life Crisis

At the Level of 2 he had a "mid-life crisis" as some adventurers say.He was forced by some of his friends to become a healer for no apparent reason. He would heal himself endlessly claiming he lost his DOOMIE.But this soon ended when he separated himself from these so called "friends"

Path to the Dark

The next Level up ended his curse to be bound to low damage dealing classes.He wanted to pursue his dream. The very same dream he had since he was but a child. He wanted the power that Sepulchure only dreamed about. Then he turned to the class that was the closest to that corruption and Power THE BERSERKER CLASS!

Power Struggle At the Beginning of the release,Jasper22495 went mad for power. He PWNed everything in his way just to level up. And after 3 grueling hours,He made it to level seven. He bought the Ninja armor and decided to focus more on speed. At the moment,He randomly goes around the "UBER" areas and tries to help others.

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