Miltonius with Shadow of Miltonius (He's sword)

Abyss General (Fiend of the Underworld)

Welcome minion...err...hero.The prices?oh booohooo!Leave if you think they're unreasonable! I've watch you from the beginning.You had it easy,hero.Everything has been handed to you.Haha! Do you even know what a challenge is? Earning my wares will cost you.....and it'll cost you a lot. Keep whinning and I'll decorate this room with your entrails.


Miltonius Shop

Miltonius Painting shop

Old Miltonius

Old Version of Miltonius

Juggernaut Items of Miltonius

Demanding items of miltonius

Totem of Miltonius

Miltonius is kind

The leery Contract

Bone dust regeant

Cube regeant

Essence of defeat regeant

Impossible,Empowered Items of Miltonius

Purchase Sword of Miltonius

Dragon Blade of Miltonius

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