Shadow Blood Ninjaz

Shadow Blood Ninjaz is a clan who's members are usually found in Nythera.

If you betray the clan you will have to fight the Red Dragon without being healed or helped.
Name        Level      Branch                        Position           Branch Positions
Nfjsdnvjkbf (level 10) Branch : Shadow Crusaderz
Aqwking001 (level 13) Branch : Blood Hawkz          (President)          (President)
Amethyst Scopion (Level 16)  Branch :               (Vice President)      (President)
Maffer Dragonhand (Level 13) Branch : Shadow Crusaderz   (Secretary)      (President)
Kane22     (Level 8)  Branch :                          ()                        ()
Icebender45   (Level 9)      Branch :                   ()                        ()
Robby21      (Level 10)      Branch :                    ()                        ()

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